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Subscriber Line Installation

Telecommunication Sales

Telecommunication Cables and Accesories

Key Features of SGMI

Years of Expertise

Backed by years of experience from Board of Directors down to management, SGMI has thrived in the telecommunication sector contracting knowing the requirements and best practices that must be implemented in delivery of projects.

Manpower Development

Knowing the need to develop continuous manpower resource, SGMI has partnered with training institutions to implement Telecommunication Installations training both for Subscriber Line and Outside Plan emphasizing on best standards, practices, and safety.

International Partnerships

SGMI has partners with International Telecommunication Companies to fill the network requirement of the Philippines, from Submarine Cable supply and Installation, Telecommunication Fiber Optic Cables, and Optical Distribution Network Accessories and Supplies.


With SGMI’s record with financial institutions and experience in handling big contracts through its other industry projects, SGMI has a track record of easily scaling operations depending on the requirement of its clientele.